PhysHOME 2012

20.-23. 6. 2012, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague

Basic information about the workshop:

PhysHOME was focused on simple experiments in physics education – the name being an acronym for Physics by Hands-On Minds-on Experiments. So, it was planned that the experiments need not be only from the kitchen :-) . The letters in HOME may also stand for:
H… head, heart, human (or also Heureka for those who know this informal project :-) )
O... open,     ME... meaningful education, mutual exchange (of ideas); also: Middle-Europe.

The goal of the workshop was to bring together people who are developing, improving or using in innovative way simple physics school experiments. The workshop was be a place where participants were able to share their experiences, present their work, critically review each other’s ideas, mutually inspire and make the first step toward some collaboration that may continue in future. Also, we hope that some presented and perhaps further developed ideas, experiments etc. could be useful for real teaching and learning both in developing and other countries.

The seminar was rather informal. No formal conference dinner etc. was planned. Also there was no fee. What was expected from all participants was an active participation.
The scope of the seminar was quite open. Any topic that fited into the general scope of the seminar was welcome. These might include demonstration experiments, lab experiments, experiments for students’ projects, but also tools, devices and instruments to facilitate such experiments. Special emphasis was put on presenting and discussing different ways how these experiments could (or should) be used in physics teaching and learning. There were no limits on the level or age of students to which these experiments or methods are aimed for.

The "format" of PhysHOME: Twelve workshops were "run" during PhysHOME. Most of them lasted for 90 minutes (some just 60-70 minutes). Every workshop was followed by a 20-30 minutes discussion where participants informally evaluate the workshop commented its Strengths, Weaknesses (or possible Concerns), asked Questions, made Suggestions, and presented their opinions Who could benefit from the workshop or from the overall approach. All participants (apart from two who could not be present on the first day and a few who had to depart before last twio workshops were finished) were present at all workshops and participated at all discussions.

Some proceedings or at least a collection of list of references and/or papers will be published on the website as a result of our work. Photos and videos are expected to be a natural part of documentation of workshop activities and their results. The documents and materials that we shall develop could be useful for us and for other people both as resource materials and as an inspiration for future work.
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