PhysHOME 2012

20.-23. 6. 2012, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague

Abstracts and other materials:

Abstracts sent by the authors. (In PDF format, incomplete list up to now.)

Other materials will be collected after the workshop and presented in a suitable form.

Note to publishing the results:

Authorship af all materials that were discussed or updated at PhysHOME will be, of course, acknowledged in any materials and documents produced as a result of PhysHOME workshop. This concerns also all intellectual rights of any bodies to which the authors belong.
Example: At some workshops the material created by the MUSE group was presented and discussed. The documents concerning these materials will be published at MUSE website. The PhysHome website will mention a link to the concerned (updated or not) final MUSE web-documents. Of course, the PhysHome website might also comprise various reactions to what was presented by MUSE members, such as an evaluation of their workshops, comments on how to use the presented materials, etc.

Last update: 24. 06. 2012