Leoš Dvořák: papers in English in journals and conference proceedings

Full texts in pdf are available here; for papers published in journals, there are manuscripts.    Papers in Czech are available on a separate page.

In GIREP conference proceedings:
    (Note: Often GIREP conferences are joint conferences so their names include for example EPEC, MPTL, etc.)

Year  Paper
2004 Hands- and Minds-on Physics for All
Physics … not only with Chalk and Blackboard
Heureka: Hands- and Minds-on Physics at School (Authors: Irena Koudelková and L.D.)
Heureka Project – for both Pupils and Teachers (Authors: Irena Koudelková and L.D.)
Projects at Students' Physics Camps - Never Ending Inspiration (Authors: L.D., Miroslav Jílek and Jan Koupil)
2005 Informal Physics Education and Teachers’ Training – Some Examples and Experiences
Digital Recording and Analysis of Physical Experiments (Authors: Jan Koupil and L.D.)
2006 Why a simple school model of AC generator does not produce sinusoidal voltage? (From false concepts to modeling and multipole expansion)
Which side up? Falling bread revisited. (Authors: Jan Koupil and L.D.)
2009 Multilayered simple experiments: an approach with increasing cognitive demands. (Authors: Gorazd Planinšič and L.D.)
2010 Simple quantitative electrostatic experiments for teachers and students
LEDs in Water: Hands-on Electric Field Lines and Electric Potential (Authors: L.D. and Gorazd Planinšič)
“What Is the Wick in the Candle For?” – An Example of the Methodological Sequence in the “Eureka” Project (Authors: Irena Dvořáková and L.D.)
Four experiments on magnetic field at four Euros – Low-cost demonstrational experiments on Classical Electrodynamics for future physics teachers (Authors: Věra Koudelková and L.D.)
Two simple ways of verification of the 1/r2 dependence in Coulomb’s law at both high school and university level (Authors: Zdeněk Šabatka and L.D.)
2014 Inertial and Non-Inertial Frames: With Pieces of Paper and in an Active Way.
High school students’ misconceptions in electricity and magnetism and some experiments that can help students to reduce them. (Authors: Věra Koudelková and L.D.)
2015 How to Increase Teachers’ Self-Confidence: An Example Concerning Semiconductors.
2016 Electricity and magnetism step by step and optics step by step: optional special labs in first years of pre-service teacher training. (Authors: Irena Dvořáková and L.D.)
Teaching-Learning Sequences Using Low-Cost Experiments Aimed at Understanding of Concepts of Electricity. (Authors: Věra Koudelková and L.D.)
2017 Magnets and magnetic field around them: what can we learn from simple experiments.
2019 Different approaches to helping students develop conceptual understanding in university physics. (Authors: T.J. Kelly et al.)
2020 Work Group 2 Position Paper: Experiments and Laboratory Work in Teacher Education. (Authors: Ian Bearden, L.D. and Gorazd Planinšič)

Further conferences:

In proceedings of ICPE-EPEC conference:

Year  Paper
2013 Semiconductors At Work.

Papers from WCPE 2 conference:

Year  Paper
2016 Simple experiments in physics teaching and learning – do they have any perspectives?
2016 Informal Physics Teacher Training in the Czech Republic: A Possible Inspiration. (Authors: Irena Dvořáková and L.D.)

In DIDFYZ conference proceedings:

Year  Paper
2019 Views of physics teachers concerning possible reform of framework educational programs in the Czech Republic (Authors: L.D., Irena Dvořáková and Věra Koudelková)
2021 Experiments and Inquiry-Based Learning in Online In-service Physics Teacher Training (Authors: L.D., Irena Dvořáková, Jitka Houfková and Věra Koudelková)

In proceedings of 16-th Conference of Czech and Slovak Physicists:

Year  Paper
2010 Physics teachers and universities: not only one-way interaction


Year  Paper
2010 Hands-on, Minds-on Physics for All
2010 “What Is the Wick in the Candle For?” – An Example of the Methodological Sequence in the “Eureka” Project (Authors: Irena Dvořáková and L.D.)

Papers in journals (in English)

in Physics Education journal:

Year  Paper
2010 (45)   Simple verification of the parabolic shape of a rotating liquid, and a boat on its surface (Authors: Zdeněk Šabatka and L.D.)
2012 (47 Bipolar transistors can detect charge in electrostatic experiments
2012 (47 Experiments with charge indicator based on bipolar transistors (Authors: L.D. a Gorazd Planinšič)

in The Physics Teacher journal:

Year  Paper
2011 (49)   A do-it-yourself optical bench

in The European Physics Journal:

Year  Paper
2007 (28)   Labs outside labs: miniprojects at spring camp for future physics teachers

in The Latin-American Journal of Physics Education:

Year  Paper
2012 (6)   Low-cost electrostatic experiments
2012 (6)   The Heureka Workshops – some “hints” for organizers of the non-traditional conference for physic teachers (Authors: Irena Dvořáková and L.D.)